BPS-200 – Biomass Processing System

The BPS-200 is an automated biomass processing system that pulverizes and dehydrates biomass resulting in homogenous value-added products.  Product applications include (but not limited to) woody biomass, animal manure & bedding, agricultural products such as hemp, grain, and more.  The Bio-Burner can be integrated with the BPS-200 to provide heat for the drying process.

The BPS-200 enables users with access to wood chips, sawdust, or other woody biomass waste to create their own premium biomass fuel for a variety of heating applications when paired with a Bio-Burner biomass heating system or other hot water heat source.  The optional built-in hammermill system allows the user to load up to 1 cubic yard of biomass at a time with a continuous feed automatically metered into the hammermill to be homogenized and dried.  If a hammermill is not required for the users’ application, there are also input feed bin options ranging from 6-24 cubic yards.

The BPS-200 is a low temp dryer that uses hot water heat in the 135-210 degree Fahrenheit range which means no risk of fire.  The BPS-200 has multiple built-in safety features that give the user peace of mind while the fully automated system creates value-added product virtually unattended.

Technical Specifications


Hammer Mill Power
Hammer Mill Size
Hammer Mill Screen Options
Hammer Mill Screens Included
Hammer Mill Safety
Dryer Tube Length
Dryer Tube Diamater
Dryer Tube Auger Motor (x5)
Feed Automation
Production Capacity
Maximum Product Input Size
Maximum Moisture Content
Discharge Auger Size
Product Level Sensor
Heat Source Requirement
Hot Water Temperature Range
Dwell Time
Power Requirements


Hammer Mill Power : 5 HP - Belt Driven
Hammer Mill Size : 22" x 6"
Hammer Mill Screen Options : 1/4", 3/8", 3/4", 1 1/4", 2"
Hammer Mill Screens Included : 1 included
Hammer Mill Safety : Safety Interlock System
Dryer Tube Length : 25'
Dryer Tube Diamater : 14 inch
Dryer Tube Auger Motor (x5) : 3/4 HP
Feed Automation : Yes
Production Capacity : Up to 2 cubic yards per hour
Maximum Product Input Size : Hog fuel up to 6 inch chips
Maximum Moisture Content : Based on the raw materials ability to "flow" through the input auger tube.
Discharge Auger Size : 8 "
Product Level Sensor : (2) product input & output level sensing capabilities - OPTIONAL
Heat Source Requirement : BB-300, BB-500, BB-1000, or other 210°F hot water heat source
Hot Water Temperature Range : 135°F - 205°F
Dwell Time : Variable
Transportation : Integrated lift points
Footprint : See floor plan views on website for all layout options
Power Requirements: 40Amp / 220 Single-Phase, 30Amp / 220 3-Phase, 15Amp / 480 3-Phase