Fix any soil & Feed any plant

Organilock’s Feed & Fix products are a wellness regimen for your soil and plants. They can be used by anyone, anywhere to create or rehabilitate soil and feed plants.

Feed & Fix’s nutrients are bio-responsibly derived from animal mortality waste diverted from landfills along with wood waste from sawmills and forestry services. Organilock’s Feed & Fix products are the solution to depleted soil and unhealthy plants.

Soil Food - because life begins in the soil!

Soil Rehab

Soil Food designed for in-ground growing applications. An all-in-one solution to reverse soil damage caused by traditional farming practices.

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Raised Bed Rehab

Soil Food designed to rehabilitate any soil for use in raised beds or containers. It is also the perfect way to create your own potting mix!

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Soil Boost

Soil Food designed to give your soil the boost it needs to keep performing throughout the growth cycle. Simply dust the soil and water in.

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Plant Boost +
Plant Food

Keep any plant healthy and happy throughout the growth cycle with Plant Boost +. It provides a balanced diet of macro+micro nutrients for any plant (4+4+4). It can be watered in or used as a foliar spray. It also helps to repel insects and prevent mold & mildew!