NISTNutrient Infused Soil Products

Nutrient Infused Soil products by OrganiLock are all natural, organic and can be used in any growing application. From container gardening to commercial gardening, to agricultural in-ground growing, Nutrient Infusion Soil Technology (NIST) is the way of the future. Nutrient Infused Soils are filled with more NPK, Micro-Nutrients, Organic Nitrogen and Organic Carbon (microbe food) than any other organic soil product on the market. This is made possible by revolutionary patent pending Nutrient Infusion Soil Technology (NIST) by OrganiLock. OrganiLock NIST locks nutrients into dehydrated & pasteurized biomass. The ability to infuse fresh, non-composted biomass with an abundance of NPK and other Micro-Nutrients sets the foundation for a new type of soil product which has never before been possible. No longer dependant on nutrient-depleted substrates such as peat moss, coconut coir, or compost, (see NIST allows for fresh locally sourced biomass ingredients to be used as the foundation for a complete soil ecosystem capable of sustaining plant life and soil health for years.

Soil Products Powered by “NIST”

What makes Nutrient Infused Soil products special?

  • Nutrient infused soil products contain more NPK, Micro-Nutrients, Organic Nitrogen and Organic Carbon (microbe food) than any other organic soil product
  • Nutrient infused soil products contain an abundance of readily available nutrition plus additional Organic Nitrogen that will slowly and naturally release over time
  • All OrganiLock soil products are 100% Organic and 100% Natural
  • The primary ingredients used in NIST products include fresh locally sourced biomass waste that would otherwise go to landfills
  • Nutrient infused soil products use fresh non-composted ingredients that would otherwise emit greenhouse gasses and lose most of their nutrients while composting
  • Nutrient infused soil product ingredients are pasteurized and dehydrated to remove seeds, unwanted bacteria and reduce weight and volume for shipping and storage
  • Each soil mix is inoculated with 9 types of beneficial microbes which creates “living soil”
  • Each soil mix can remain in stasis for years, ready to spring to life once water is added
  • Once activated with water, microbes become active and CO2 root respiration begins as opposed to releasing GHG into the atmosphere
  • Premium Biochar is used to sequester carbon, retain water, and improve the overall health of the soil ecosystem
  • Nutrient infused soil products are reusable for multiple years and growth cycles due to the use of fresh non-composted ingredients
  • Nutrient infused soil products are balanced for water retention and drainage
  • There are multiple soil pH options available for different growing applications
  • NIST can be used to improve any soil – not limited to the OrganiLock product line
  • NIST increases yields and provides better-tasting produce due to a healthy soil ecosystem

How do Agricultural farming applications benefit from NIST?

  • NIST adds an abundance of carbon back into the soil without the side effect of nitrogen immobilization
  • NIST products are “All-In-One” which contain N-P-K and other micronutrients
  • NIST can improve soil tilth with the addition of locally sourced biomass and biochar
  • NIST can lower the hardpan with each application
  • NIST provides a long-lasting solution for creating a healthy soil ecosystem
  • NIST can decrease or eliminate the application of unwanted salts
  • NIST can offer significant cost savings compared to traditional soil treatment methods