OrganiLockTM – Soils, Amendments, & Hardware

OrganiLockTM soil technology is world changing in many industries.  From urban gardening to commercial growing, to large-scale agricultural use, OrganiLockTM provides solutions for every application.

Organic gardening in both urban & commercial settings has never been easier or more fruitful.  Due to the world changing technology of OrganiLockTM organic soil products, growers are producing better products with higher yields and faster grow cycles.  Cutting commercial growing costs by up to 50% due to the many benefits of carbonaceous organic soil technology, the decision to switch to OrganiLockTM should be considered by all.

In the agricultural market, OrganiLockTM soil technology provides a permanent solution to bring carbon & long lasting organic nitrogen back to our farmland.  Using cost effective locally sourced ingredients, farmers are reporting dramatic increase of yields in their very first year.