OrganiLockTM Organic Soils

OrganiLockTM living organic soils are the worlds first & only carbonaceous soil products made from fresh locally sourced ingredients.  With 6x (six times!) more organic fertilizer value than any other soil on the market, OrganiLockTM has the best soil for virtually every growing application.  From seeds to trees, roots to fruits, and containers to tilled, OrganiLockTM soils produce better yields, with faster grow cycles, & have a longer lifespan with the ability to be reused up to 5 grow cycles.

100% Organic

Seed Free

Insect Free

Peat Free

Coir Free

Compost Free

Made with Fresh Locally Sourced Ingredients

3x Carbon Sequestering Properties

Balanced water retention and drainage

Contains both fast & slow release fertilizer

Not susceptible to nitrogen immobilization

Grow full cycle: seeds, trees, flowers, greens, roots & fruits

Inoculated with 9 types of beneficial microbes

6x more nutritional value than any other organic soil!

Predictable ingredients & results

Reusable up to 5 grow cycles!