OrganiLockTM Raised Bed Gardening Hardware

OrganiLockTM Raised Bed Gardening Hardware offers a fresh approach to organic gardening by combining aspects of the best raised beds, patio gardening, easy container gardening, growing in gutter gardens, and simple urban gardens.

OrganiLockTM Raised Bed Gardening Hardware offers a new solution to growing an easy organic garden with portable raised beds that are easy to assemble, easy to break down and store, require little-to-no weeding, and offer multiple variations of vertical gardening.

When combined with OrganiLockTM Organic Soil they’re perfect for starting seeds, growing potatoes, trellising plants for vertical gardening, growing your own salad bar, caging and stringing tomatoes, growing your own organic herbs and flowers, and they’re the best tiered planter for growing strawberries. They’re made with no-mess no-fuss durable materials, to help you get serious about growing. The possibilities are endless! Whether you’re gardening 10 square feet or 10,000, OrganiLockTM Raised Bed Gardening Hardware has options to suit your growing needs.