All-Purpose Organic Plant Food

OrganiLockTM All-Purpose Organic plant food adds a wide range of micro-nutrients and biomass to the soil. It improves soil organically as it feeds plants to grow anything from seeds to trees, roots to fruits, containers to till.  Its pulverized form makes it perfect for top dressing or tilled applications.  OrganiLockTM All-Purpose Organic Plant Food is dehydrated, sterilized and pasteurized resulting in a weed free, bug-free, bacteria-free, pathogen-free product with an indefinite shelf life.

Available sizes: 2 gal (0.27 cubic feet), 8 gal (1.07 cubic feet), 200 gal (26.74 cubic feet / 1 cubic yard), 300 gal (40.1 cubic feet / 1.49 cubic yards)

Locally Sourced

OrganiLockTM All-Purpose Organic Plant Food is made with locally sourced biomass turned into ecologically essential ingredients.

Healthy Soil Ecosystem

OrganiLockTM All-Purpose Organic Plant Food adds biomass to the soil which feeds the microbial activity in soil creating a thriving soil ecosystem.

Fully Optimized

OrganiLockTM All-Purpose Organic Plant Food is pH prepared and CEC optimized for maximum nutrition availability to plants.

Fully Preserved

OrganiLockTM All-Purpose Organic Plant Food is dehydrated to preserve all nutrients, and eliminate ingredient breakdown and greenhouse gas emissions during storage and transit.