RapidDrop Soil pH Reducer

OrganiLockTM RapidDrop Soil pH Reducer is designed to instantly lower the pH of any soil.  It is rich in carbon and is a long lasting soil amendment for balancing the pH of any existing soil.

Available sizes: 2.5 gal (0.34 cubic feet), 10 gal (1.34 cubic feet), 250 gal (33.42 cubic feet / 1.24 cubic yard), 375 gal (50.13 cubic feet / 1.86 cubic yards) *volumes calculated after water re-hydration


Why does everyone else use peat moss, coconut coir, compost, worm castings, and other nutrition-less or “dead” substrates as their base ingredient in soil?


Fresh ingredients such as biomass (wood chips, sawdust, etc) inherently “lock up” nitrogen in soil making it unavailable to plants. This is called “nitrogen immobilization“.

Our Solution

In short, we have “cracked the code” to nitrogen immobilization in soil “unlocking” the full potential of fresh biomass as a natural source of carbon and a vast amounts of other beneficial nutrients.  With our proprietary process, we turn fresh ingredients into a buffet of slow & quick release organic nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, iron,  and other beneficial nutrients that every plant wants & needs to thrive.