Nutrient Infused Soils

Nutrient Infused Soil products by OrganiLockTM are all natural, organic and can be used in any growing application. From container gardening to commercial gardening, to agricultural in-ground growing, Nutrient Infusion Soil TechnologyTM (NISTTM) is the way of the future. Nutrient Infused Soils are filled with more NPK, Micronutrients, Organic Nitrogen and Organic Carbon (microbe food) than any other organic soil product on the market. This is made possible by revolutionary patent pending Nutrient Infusion Soil Technology (NIST) by OrganiLock. OrganiLock NIST locks nutrients into dehydrated & pasteurized biomass. The ability to infuse fresh, non-composted biomass with an abundance of NPK and other Micronutrients sets the foundation for a new type of soil product which has never before been possible. No longer dependent on nutrient-depleted substrates such as peat moss, coconut coir, or compost, NIST allows for fresh locally sourced biomass ingredients to be used as the foundation for a complete soil ecosystem capable of sustaining plant life and soil health for years.

100% Organic

Seed Free

Insect Free

Peat Free

Coir Free

Compost Free

Made with Fresh Locally Sourced Ingredients

3x Carbon Sequestering Properties

Balanced water retention and drainage

Contains both fast & slow release fertilizer

Not susceptible to nitrogen immobilization

Grow full cycle: seeds, trees, flowers, greens, roots & fruits

Inoculated with 9 types of beneficial microbes

6x more nutritional value than any other organic soil!

Predictable ingredients & results

Reusable up to 5 grow cycles!