OrganiLock Receives AG Innovation Award

Organilock's Scott Laskowski and Tyson Foods' Mauricio w/award 

Madisonville, Kentucky USA - OrganiLock, a leading provider of sustainable agricultural solutions, is proud to announce that it has been honored with the prestigious Agricultural Innovation Award by the Hopkins County Regional Chamber of Commerce. The award, presented by Tyson Foods' representative, recognizes OrganiLock's groundbreaking solutions to depleted soil and sustainable farming for both at home, small farm and industrial scale growers.

Revolutionizing Soil Health with Innovative Technology

OrganiLock's flagship Soil Food product stood out as a groundbreaking and complimentary solution to the limits of conventional nitrate-based farming. Soil Food has garnered early acclaim for its ability to rehabilitate depleted soil and increase yields in as little as one application.  By enriching the soil, it also promotes plant growth and improves overall crop yield enabling farmers to reduce their reliance on synthetic fertilizers and minimize soil degradation.

OrganiLock’s innovative process utilized existing animal mortality mixed with other organic materials to create concentrated soil food.  Fittingly, the mortality used at the Madisonville processing facility is from Tyson poultry farmers, one of which was present during the award. 

Scott Laskowski accepts AG Innovation Award

Dedication to Sustainability and Forward-Thinking Approaches

"We are incredibly honored to receive the AG Innovation Award," said Scott Laskowski, President and Founder of OrganiLock. "This recognition is a testament to the growing market demand for sustainable soil solutions that work.  It's easy really, feed the soil!"

What's Next?

OrganiLock is currently seeking institutional and farming partners to participate in field trials for the upcoming 2024 growing season.  If interested, please contact

About Organilock

OrganiLock is at the forefront of the sustainable agriculture movement. By harnessing the power of nature, OrganiLock is helping farmers around the world cultivate healthy, abundant crops while preserving the planet for future generations.

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Hopkins County AG Innovation Award