Why Choose OrganiLock?

OrganiLock Soil Food gives you better soil, fast!

All soil is part of the cycle of life, whether it is in-ground, containers, raised beds, or indoor potted plants... so all soil should be healthy soil.

How Is OrganiLock Soil Food Different?

Soil Food is 4 products in 1:

  • Potent Organic Fertilizer
  • Beneficial Microbes
  • Microbe Food (this is our "secret sauce")
  • Premium Biochar
Soil Food Uses?

OrganiLock Soil Food can be used in every growing situation with every type of plant.

In-ground before planting or top-dress for an extra boost after planting. Soil Food is not a potting mix - it is nutrients for your soil.

Plant Food Uses?

OrganiLock Plant Food is fast-acting liquid nutrition for any plant. Use as a foliar spray or root drench (1/2oz per gallon of water).

Use Plant Food to give your plants a boost of nutrition weekly or as needed. (CERTIFIED ORGANIC GROWERS PLEASE NOTE: PLANT FOOD IS NOT CERTIFIED ORGANIC.)

Who Should Use Soil Food?

Soil Food is good for both beginners and experienced growers because you get more benefits with less work.

You don't have to know anything for it to work- only that everything you need to get healthy soil and plants is in the bag.

What's the NPK of Soil Food?

Soil Food NPK analysis is 4-2-1, but if you could remove the microbe food (which you can't), it would be 16-8-4.

Will Soil Food Burn My Plants?

Since the organic nitrogen in Soil Food depends on microbes to break it down and make it available to the plant (aka insoluble), there is no risk of it leaching or burning your plant when applied as directed.

How Many Applictions To Rebuild Soil?

Soil Food sets up an "instant ecosystem" in just one application (aka "Regenerative Ag In A Bag").

Soil Food is very concentrated and only takes 1lb / 50sq ft in ground - or 1-2 tablespoons / 1sq ft as a top dress.

What's The Source For Nutrition?

Soil Food is based on the cycle of life. The nutrition is whole animal-based. This is the last significant available source of organic nitrogen on the planet!

We are able to take animals that don't make it to processing in factory farms and combine them with another waste stream of woody biomass- then "lock" the nutrients into the biomass for slow release. Thus the OrganiLock name.

Some manure is added for a quick hit as well.

Can I Trust Soil Food?

You can trust that Soil Food is both safe and organic because OrganiLock controls the process from beginning to end- we even make the machines that process our product!

Soil Food is like a "whole food" diet as opposed to other companies "packaged food" style. They buy pre-packaged ingredients (bone meal, feather meal, blood meal, fish meal, etc) and repackage them into a "new recipe" to sell.

This is not only a much bigger carbon footprint on their part, but it leaves out valuable nutrients that we are able to capture and put in the bag using the "pre-compost" whole animal.

What Is The Animal Source?

Here in Kentucky we have chicken farms.

In Maine it might be seafood waste. Somewhere else can be bovine, fish, or swine waste streams

Our plan is to have distributed manufacturing and place facilities across the country (later the world) close to the resources to save on our carbon footprint and allow entrepreneurs to use waste streams in their areas.

Is Soil Food Organic?

Yes, it is OMRI certified.

Note: Plant Food is NOT certified organic.

What Is The Shelf Life?

Soil Food will last years as long as you keep it dry in a sealed container. Microbes are dormant, like baking yeast, and wake up when water is added.

What Type Of Microbes Are In Soil Food?

We add both endo and ecto fungi as well as beneficial bacteria to benefit all types of plants.

Endomycorrhizal Fungi 120 prop/gram

  • G. Intraradices, G. Mossae, G. Etunicatum, G. Deserticola

Ectomycorrhizal Fungi 300,000 prop/gram

  • P. Tinctorius , S. Citrinum, R. Luteolus

Beneficial Bacteria 55,000,000 cfu’s/gram

  • B. Subtilis, B. Amyloliquefaciens, B. Licheniformis, B. Megatarium, B. Pumilus

How Much and When To Add Soil Food?

Soil Food is very concentrated. A little goes a long way.

Before planting: mix 1lb/50sq ft in soil.

After planting as a top dress: dust 1-2 tablespoons /sq ft around plant base once a month or as needed to maintain vigorous growth.

How To Make My Own Soil?

You can make your own soil using Soil Food as the nutrition base. You can also regenerate old potting soil or raised beds using soil food.

We recommend using an EC meter to monitor the level of nutrition in the soil.

What is an EC Meter, How Do I Get One?

An EC meter measures the electrical conductivity of a mixture and can be used to indicate the amount of Soil Food necessary to apply to depleted soil.

We recommen aiming for an EC reading of .6-.8

They are available online- for example Amazon sells them for ~$100. This is a valuable tool for every gardener.

We recommend the Blue Lab EC Truncheon.

Is This Like Using Compost?


Soil Food is all "fresh" ingredients. In compost, the focus is to have microbes break down the ingredients before they're applied to the soil.

In Soil Food the focus is to add the ingredients to the soil, where they're broken down in a place where the plant can take advantage of all available nutrients. No nutrients are wasted waiting for the microbes to break the ingredients down- no burning plants.

Our patent pending process balances the mixture in every bag so that both soil and plant can utilize every bit of available energy and nutrient to regenerate the soil and grown healthy plants.

Can I Use Soil Food AND Compost?

Yes, in fact Soil Food makes a great compost "starter" and will enrich your compost pile.

We recommend if you are going to add Soil Food into your finished compost, follow the guidelines to test the compost's nutrient level with an EC meter prior to mixing in Soil Food.

What Is The "Mold" Growing On My Soil?

Once activated with water, soils innoculated with Soil Food bloom with hyphae- the vegetative branches of the good fungi in the soil- within 24-48 hrs.

The fungi grow and multiply throughout the soil so much and so quickly, even the soil surface can show signs of rapid regeneration.

Where Did The OrganiLock Name Come From?

OrganiLock's patent-pending process for creating Soil Food "locks" organic matter and nutrients together in the proper ratio for optimum soil health- hence the name "OrganiLock."

We have since expanded our product line to include Plant Food which is NOT certified organic, but follows the same principles of mimicking the circle of life by using animal mortality to create fertilizer.