About Us

OrganiLock: From Sawdust to Soil

Born from a blow torch and a pile of sawdust, OrganiLock is the brainchild of Scott Laskowski. Faced with the challenge of piles of sawdust from his family’s sawmill business, Wood-Mizer, Scott set out to find a biomass heating solution that would benefit sawmill owners worldwide.

Little did he know, his journey would lead him to not only solve the problem but also discover an innovative way to create high-quality biochar - a common soil amendment.

Unwilling to stop there, Scott and his team dove into the next problem at hand: how to lock more carbon into the soil.

The result?

The creation of additional machines, extensive testing, and a new era of soil amendments.

Years later, fueled by an insatiable need to solve global issues, OrganiLock was created. Founded by Scott and his wife Brenda in 2007 as LEI Products, the company underwent a rebranding in 2018 and became OrganiLock.

Their mission?

To transform the world’s last vast and renewable source of organic nitrogen (animal mortality) into a soil amendment known as Soil Food, a literal world-saving solution.

As a family-owned and operated company with a history of entrepreneurial success, OrganiLock has set its sights on turning trash into treasures. Their Bio-Liquidator machine, a product of their engineering expertise, is a key component in their mission. This incredible machine also converts animal mortality into valuable nutrient amendment and aids in the creation of their Plant Food product, which contributes to the growth and health of plants.

Joining Scott and Brenda in their mission are a group of dedicated individuals, each playing their part in the growth (pun-intended) of OrganiLock.